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Compatible with the Cyber G Kit


Aspire TG Pods are great pods for Mouth To Lung vaping. The round mouthpiece resembles a cigarette filter and provides a smooth vape which is why these are great for ex-cigarette smokers. Each pod comes with a built-in coil so don't worry about replacing the coil. Just discard the pod and open up a new one. How convenient! The coils come in 2 resistances and are both made of mesh, providing ultimate flavour and smooth vapour.

The 2ml e-liquid capacity is plenty for the average vaper and you should expect to refill the pod once a day (on average). you do this by removing the silicon plug (found on the side of the pod), tilting the pod to where the fill port is facing up and refilling the pod to around 95% capacity, allowing some air to stay in the pod to help with possible leakage.

Sold as a pack of 2.





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